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Process Quality Management

Our product real-time captures, documents and visualizes live processes and provides permanent opportunities for optimizing your company.

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The 6 Benefits of PQM Automation

PQM increases quality by eliminating process loop ways through online and in time visualization.

PQM is a concept that will revolutionize your business. It is the perfect tool to empower your business.

PQM combines the best of an Internet platform with the best management tools to maximize efficiency processes and profit.

PQM integration is fast, simple and cost effective. A complete range of open tracking systems and an advanced Application Development Framework help ensure that time and resource, from concept to deployment are significantly reduced.

PQM utilizes actual and visual data to enable businesses to analysis processes and make informed business decisions in real time.

PQM is dedicated to all businesses who want to improve profits with a simple and cost effective management tool designed to improve efficiencies.

Delivery Services
Delivery Services

PQM can help to track and deliver parcels and optimize the logistics, and makes managing a whole supply across a large number of senders, deliverers and receivers possible.

Hospital Management
Hospital Management

PQM can for example help to optimize, prioritize workflows to minimize waiting times for patients


PQM can help many industries from production to services to measure processes, detect problems, provide process-knowledge to newcomers, to inform all process-stakeholders about their process, to increase transparency to further process satisfaction

Laundry Shops
Laundry Shops

PQM can measure any process, from the the simplest laundry process at home to large laundry providers in the large-scale hospital and hotel business.

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