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  • Accumulated / instances; Time charts.
  • Average, Minimum, maximum duration, instances: point in time, duration, events that did not happen
  • dynamic hyperlinks to other systems like ERP, Trouble-Tickets, SAP, …
  • KPI’s are measuring the flow of processes between 2 process steps (begin > end).
  • With KPIs you can add service-level agreements: How long are processes allowed to take, which penality is incured for late delivery?

Which events are following which other events, and how often?


Which events are allowed to follow certain other events?

Which process instances were following those rules?

Which process instances break the rules, and at which point?


Triggers can be attached to KPI’s and standard flows, which can then initiate further queries, process data, and forward the events to other systems. E.g.: When the KPI for a certain delivery is missed and times out, an automatic email can be triggered to escalate the problem.


You can attach arbitrary attributes to any event, for example the geographic position where the event happened, the customer satisfaction, incurred costs, … and you can report them.


We are offering trainings for various groups:

  • quality managers
  • auditors
  • developers
  • sysadmins
  • sales partners

We are offering trainings in our office, but we can also come to your site. Please contact us about your training needs, and we will offer you specifically tailored training packages.


PQM is a Perl5 based Web-Application, based on the LivingXML plattform.

It usually runs on Linux, but it should also work on other Unix systems (other operating systems on request.) PQM is offered both online as a hosted by Quality-For-Business solution, but can also be installed by the customer on own hardware or virtualized.


Technical support for PQM software involves everything from basic troubleshooting and staff training to onsite simulation of customer issues to aid in the development of ideal solutions. Our vast expertise with the subject matter and experience with implementation processes ensure that Quality for Business can work with you to develop the solution that’s right for business.

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